Fast moving consumer goods

Solutions dedicated to the FMCG (Fast moving consumer goods) industry must be flexible and extendible, but most of all have to be able to adapt to the operational and business environments they are used in so that they can be integrated either in the area of warehousing, distribution, or prod`uction.
Moreover, the FMCG sector is characterized by significant technological progress, increasing competition while keeping costs to a minimum. To be able to run a business in such an environment it is necessary to use innovative IT solutions, but it is also important to optimize IT infrastructure management.

Save time, make more sales than ever


eOrder Sales App enables companies to improve their sales team efficiency. Moreover, improve daily tasks completion of Collecting Orders. eOrder software let’s field sales reps collect orders fast and without human made mistakes. While field sales managers can look over and create daily tasks to their field sales teams.:
● Reduced errors and increased accuracy (who uses paper any more?)
● Considerable increased the rate of information flow. More tasks completed, better sales team results, more money made.
● Create multiple types of purchase orders on the spot.
● Know accurate, important & updated information about your client that your are about to make a visit.
● Sales manager can easily track GEO position of customer visits
● Basically have all the needed information to make an order in the palm of their hand..
● Detailed notes on each visit that can be easily overlook by sales team whenever they need it.
● Improve sales team efficiency.
● Save time.
● Speed up the process of supply chain, logistics.
● Make more sales than ever.
● Less turnover ratio while making order
● Your stock is being updated at all time.

eOrder platform consist of two parts. One is a mobile devices (phones or tablets) which is operated by sales team. We also have a web platform where Managers can follow up with results of their sales team and get back to them if they need any help. Every order
made with eOrder goes straight to back office & Managers can overlook it (it can be orders, mobile forms, photos with attached GEO location etc.) eOrder team made a complex business of sales to be easier, more profitable & manageable.

Become visible!


For merchandise firms that are working with CPG market it is important to make sure that:
● Information about product out-of-stock situations (OOS) and on-site problem solution;
● Shelf leftovers, missing products, damaged items.
● Periodical price control;
● Mobile forms.
● Other services coordinated with a client.
● Ensuring agreed shelf space of a specific products are in the right spaces.
● Archiving client’s comments under circumstances if something is wrong, taking his signature and
sending it right away to back office to fix the potential problem.
eOrder software is making sure that providing usable tools (Android device) field team manager can access all his needed information on mobile phone or tablet and make right moves in order to represent products to the best of his abilities. If there are any missed understanding of client and field team manager, he can submit all his comments through eOrder app and let back office to solve it.

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