For Managers

Manager Tasks

  • Can see exactly same information as a field team rep.
  • Set monthly, quarterly, annual targets.
  • Overlook field team working time and results.
  • To ensure the quality of all customer visitation time,
  • Increase productivity of field team by using eOrder analytics.
  • Estimate results of the team and each individual field rep.
  • Estimate results of the team and each individual field rep.
  • Assign separate tasks to the rep.

“Only 2 months after eOrder sales app integration, our Sales team revenue have increased by 7%” – SC Trading

About Manager job

Sales Manager can do all the things what his team does on a mobile phone or tablet.
Using eOrder sales app for order management greatly reduces common mistakes and shortens delivery time.
With eOrder and KPI parameters Sales Manager can follow on his team results. 
With eOrder sales app it’s easy to prepare mobile forms for your sales reps to fill out on their smartphone or tablet. This is a perfect way to note and analyze any of sales reps activity or important data on your clients. eOrder helps Managers to have remotely eyes and hands in the competitive CPG market, it’s important that your team is filling out orders, forms, taking pictures and more importantly that your Sales Manager can see all this updates in a real time and can take an action in just a minutes.

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