For Sales Reps


  • Daily/Monthly schedule planner.
  • Client fulfillment (size, location, available licenses, etc. )
  • Represent brands and products.
  • Negotiating prices.
  • Negotiating prices.
  • Dealing contracts, signing, making sure everything is on term.
  • Customer information / updating contact list.
  • Maintenance of inventory to the clients (refrigerators, coffee makers, etc.)
  • Visiting clients and maintain a close positive relationship.
  • Inform the customer about the products, prices or changes of the conditions.
  • Displaying promotions or presentations stands.
  • Deliver Marketing materials to the customer.
  • Verification of compliance with the client or contractor (Planograms, prices, Promotion, Marketing content, etc.)
  • Collecting Client requests, complaints.
  • Making orders.
  • Selling on the spot.
  • Returning orders.
  • Revaluation of prices.
  • Debt collection (Cash, Cards)
  • Cash deposits to the bank or firms cashier.
  • Product shelf management.
  • Monitoring stock.
  • Price tracking.
  • Tracking the competitors' prices and quantities.
  • Monitoring Competitors contracts (terms, products, discounts , etc.)
  • Monitoring competitor’s promotions.
  • Self KPI analytics, knowing your turnover ratio.
  • Company Goals indicators and vision of the progress.
  • Collecting Sharing information with head manager about performance (turnover, Warrants Division , visits number, etc.requests, complaints.
  • Electronic signature
  • GPS tracking

About reps job

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eOrder sales app allows you to gather electronic signatures from your clients on forms or purchase orders. That way you can perform any activity at the clients, such as in-store promotion or POS positioning, and have the client confirm that the job was done or have them authorize a purchase order.

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