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About SC Trading

UAB „SC Trading“ is a wholesale company of food items mainly. It is operating in the markets of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. In order to achieve it‘s long term objectives the company is devoting special attention to the quality of the goods and their distribution as well as to the quality of client service. Company is seeking to make appropriate decisions concerning distinct markets, to analyse customer needs and to achieve continues partnership with the clients and suppliers.
Vilimas is the head sales manager of Sc Trading firm, two years ago he contacted eOrder team, because he felt that his business needs a boost. Increasing demand for his product among small to medium retailers, he needed a better retail execution strategy for his field teams. Vilimas have signed up for a free two week trial with eOrder. One of the first steps that Vilimas made was to import his clients information from excel to eOrder web application. After the import was done, he was able to all the needed clients information online.

Import products

Second step, was to import all the products from excel, which you could also easily see on eOrder web page. Listing your products and putting them into different product categories allows you to be better organized.

SC Trading stock

For Vilimas, it was important to know what is happening in the field while he is working in the office. 
He have created the different survey forms. 
● How many faces of Oatmeal left?
● What’s the competitor’s price of the similar product?
Vilimas have created several forms,that his field team could answer while they are visiting clients. He entered Products and began adding fields with regards to product location, availability, price, and stock level, as well as his competitors’ prices. In this way he was sure, that SC Trading stock is being used by full potential.

SC Trading stock is
being used by full potential.

Track sales real time

Through using the Purchase Order feature, Vilimas allowed his reps to place orders and track sales real time in the field. The first purchase order he created was for the (Company name A?) on Basanavicius Street, Kaunas.

Esignature feature

One of the best Vilimas reps is Saulius –In the past, Saulius had issues with proofs of purchase from his customers who complained that their orders were mixed up. With that in mind, he made sure to include the esignature feature upon completion of purchase.
Vilimas wanted to be able to keep track of his reps and data at a more indepth level. Through the reporting feature and KPI Analytics, Vilimas could see various measurements including what
days had the most client visits. He also wanted to share this data with the rest of his company, and so he exported the data for further analysis.

Successful use eOrder

After more than 2 years of successfully working with eOrder. Vilimas found that his sales were increasing and his field reps were visiting more clients each day. Both his field reps and his clients liked the new system—the field reps were happy because it was simple to use and efficient their field operations; the clients were happy because field reps had become increasingly accountable, turnover ratio decreased, what made both sides happy. He also found that it was much easier to manage his team of field reps, as eOrder Sales App freed him from a lot of monotonous administrative work and allowed him to communicate easily with his reps in the field while he was in the back office.

eOrder – is my eyes and hands in a competitive
field of this business. – Vilimas Šimkus

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